What to Expect

NOTE: Initial Assessments usually take approximately 90 minutes so please allow plenty of time.

Depending on the individual case the animal may require a follow up treatment session 7-10 days after the intial assessment & treatment - this will usually last approximately 60 minutes (Canine sessions should take less time).

On average it takes 1-3 treatment sessions to resolve a minor issue, however this depends on the animals condition. Maintenance check ups after this initial stage are also recommended.


Treatment Day: What to Expect:

1. Please make sure your horse/dog is ready (clean & dry) on time for the appointment to avoid any delays. 

2. Please make sure you have your completed & signed veterinary consent form to hand and that you have read through & agree to our terms and conditions. These can be found on the website or we can also email you a copy.

3. Clinical History: We will take a detailed case history of your dog/horse, please have any relevant medical documents to hand such as previous treatment reports, veterinary referral letters, xrays etc. Clinical history is required so that we are able to fully understand an previous/current ailments/issues/lifestyle etc. as this is all relevant to the treatment process.

4. Static & Dynamic Assessment: We will evaluate your dog's/horse's conformation and structure.  This will then be followed by a dynamic assessment of movement. You will be required to walk & trot your dog/horse up and perform a series of basic movements in order for us to fully assess their gait patterns. It is expected that the owner is able to maintain control of their dog/horse at all times and use appropriate safety gear (headcollars/leads/gloves/hats etc.) in order to do so.

5. Palpation: This involves the assessment of your dog's/horse's musculature & skeletal anatomy. This enables us as therapists to recognise any problem areas and assess signs of pain or discomfort.

6. Treatment: Application of various forms of physical therapy dependant upon the patient assessment & requirements.

7. Discussion of case & Aftercare: We will complete the appointment by giving an overview of the main issues and discuss any relevant aftercare advice. This may involve some exercises, stretching or specific activities designed to enhance the benefits from the treatment.

As a general rule both horses and dogs require a period of restricted/reduced exercise following a treatment. This may mean a period of time off ridden work/training. Therefore please acommodate for this prior to scheduling an appointment.

8. A detailed aftercare plan (if applicable) will be sent to you via email within 7 days of your initial treatment. If a vet report or detailed treatment report is required also there is an additional charge of £10.00.


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