Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation For Your Dog.....

Based in Harrogate, dog physiotherapy appointments are carried out throughout Yorkshire.


Working with veterinary practices, I often get referred cases where a dog requires physiotherapy pre and post surgery. I have rehabilitated many different dogs, from post cruciate surgery, following road traffic accidents and providing an alternatives to long term pain relief for arthritis.


I treat all types of dogs from small chihuahuas to large bernese mountain dogs. They all have different jobs whether they're a family pet, working gun dog, agility dog etc I tailor each rehabilitation/exercise plan individually to suit the owner and the dog.


An initial appointment will usually take 1 hour 30 minutes and I will always follow up in 7 to 10 days with a second appointment which takes 45 minutes to an hour. I find it extremely beneficial to me, the dog and the owner when coming back after a week as it enables me to see where we stand and then build an accurate treatment/maintenance plan going forwards.


A dog physiotherapy appointment will consist of:


  1. Detailed discussion of patient history.
  2. General health check and conformational analysis.
  3. Gait analysis and lameness assessment where necessary.
  4. Patient assessment summary.
  5. Palpation of all muscles to identify muscle asymmetry, tone, lesions
  6. Range of motion of all relevant joints



  1. Massage and soft tissue techniques where applicable
  2. Electrotherapies where applicable
  3. Joint mobilisations / stretches



  1. General verbal aftercare regime - given on the day.
  2. Detailed written aftercare regime - sent via email up to a week post consultation.

Signs That Your Dog May Require Physiotherapy Treatment

  • Behavioural changes e.g. unexplained grumpyness/aggresiveness, reluctance to exercise, difficulty going to the toilet.
  • Generalised stiffness - after laying down, before or after exercise.
  • Difficulty getting in/out of the car.
  • Struggling with jumping/stairs.
  • Loss of condition/appetite.
  • For specific medical conditions: hip/elbow dysplasia, arthritis, cruciate damage.
  • Lameness.
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