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McTimoney treatment is a non invasive, gentle form of chiropractic techniques which uses very light and swift movements of the practitioner's hands only. Gentle forces are applied to specific articulations or anatomical regions. 


The aim of McTimoney treatment is to;


1. Realign and balance the musculoskeletal system


2. Enduce a therapeutic response


3. Restore the function of the nervous system


4. Encourage the body's natural healing process


McTimoney treatment is a holistic method as it takes into account the animal's whole body during the assessment, treatment process and aftercare regime.


John McTimoney developed this method in the 1950s intially on humans but he soon transferred his skill set to animals with the same great success.

Where Does McTimoney Chiropractic Treatment Focus?

McTimoney treatment primarily concentrates on the neck, spine and pelvis of the individual, however as mentioned before it is a holistic method and effects from a treatment can be seen throughout the nervous system.


The central nervous system runs from the head, down through the spinal cord. The nerves separate out at each vertebrae through the foramen, these then diverge out into the peripheral nervous system. If one of the vertebrae is misaligned, this can impinge on the nerves causing pain and discomfort to the animal.

Veterinary Consent


A McTimoney practitioner is classed as a para-professionals according to the veterinary surgeon's exemption order 1962, which means that they must work in line with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 which governs the treatment and care of animals.


It is therefore a legal requirement that as a McTimoney practitioner and massage therapist we must seek and obtain veterinary consent before any treatment can take place.


The consent form provided below would need to be filled out by your vet before any treatment can take place. Completed forms should be returned to


Vet Consent/Referral Form
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